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1195 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA, 94110
United States


Holistic psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples.


sf Spiritual therapy

you are love 

Spirituality is at the root of my practice. My experience and training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, art therapy, Vipasana meditation, Tarot, Jungian psychotherapy, depth therapy and earth based spirituality make me uniquely open to working with people on the soul level. I use creative and intuitive techniques to support you to:

  • develop and trust your intuition

  • get grounded

  • expand into new opportunities for love and success

  • connect with a higher power of your understanding

  • feel the magic of connection with self and others

  • understand the deeper spiritual meaning of symptoms and struggles

  • live your core values

  • explore your unique spiritual interests

  • integrate the spirituality you were exposed to growing up and release what no longer fits

  • connect with deep inner resources

  • recognize your innate wholeness

  • look to nature for understanding and guidance

  • embrace your shadow

  • develop compassion for self and others

  • develop mindfulness

  • let go and enjoy life