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Holistic psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples.


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Understand and Deal With Relationship Problems

Relationships make up the fabric of our lives. Relationships with family, significant others, friends and co-workers provide us with connection, companionship and opportunities to grow. Often relationships present the most significant challenges we face. In couples or individual therapy, we can assess problems in relating, develop awareness and skill and ultimately open up to the gift of true intimacy.  

Learn How To Communicate

Learning how to communicate well is not easy. For most of us, we did not receive much guidance about how to communicate effectively, skillfully and safely with people in our lives. We may have even had extremely poor communication skills modeled to us in our family of origin. Learning how to communicate cleanly, clearly and directly makes relationships better. Psychotherapy can help you build awareness of how your communication is impacting your relationships. Therapy can teach vital self awareness and communication skills that will help your relationships feel more authentic, loving and functional. 

Develop Secure Functioning Relationships

What are secure functioning relationships? These are primary relationships in which both people feel safe, connected and free to be themselves. In secure functioning relationships people prioritize the relationship in a way that benefits them as a couple and as individuals. When we face problems and difficult feelings in therapy we are better able to develop secure functioning relationships. In therapy we learn to fear feelings less and we also learn how to bring our feelings forward in a healthy way which makes secure functioning relationships possible.