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Holistic psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples.


Hannah Green therapy reviews

we are in this together

  • "Working with Hannah has been incredibly transformative and healing. Her nonjudgmental, accessible, and kind approach fosters a safe environment and her suggestions are often based on experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support and guidance in their personal growth."


  • "Hannah has supported me in radically changing my life for the better. She has modeled loving kindness for me, which has changed my inner dialogue allowing me to blossom and change with grace. I trust her completely and feel that the care she demonstrates for me is genuine and deeply rooted. She provides a wonderful balance of honest reflection and gentle guidance. I love love love working with her!"


  • "Working with Hannah with couples therapy with my partner has been PRICELESS to our relationship, and one of the main reasons my partner and I are still in relationship. I highly recommend her for couples therapy. She creates a safe space for him and I to talk openly and express freely our feelings, reactions, and stories we make up about each other, ourselves, and our relationship. My partner and I are both very passionate and alpha personality and we easily trigger each other. Hannah's loving, heart-centered therapy has created a safe place for us to express without feeling afraid or as reactive, and we are able to discuss the elephant under the rug, fears in the relationship, insecurities, hurt feelings, desires, our boundaries, and bottom lines. We also can express our love, inspiration, and desires for our connection and ways of being in relationship."


  • "Hannah's solo therapy sessions with me have greatly enhanced my practice of expressing myself through words and relating to another woman. She has great listening skills and I can feel compassion from her, non-judgmental support, and she's helping me learn how to communicate my boundaries. I'm on a healing, spiritual path where my past traumas are able to be let out, expressed where I feel seen, and they begin to heal and I am able to mourn and release them."


  • "I am in a 12-step spiritual recovery program and so is my partner, and Hannah is familiar with the process so can understand and offer therapy and support around my recovery process. I have a history of food addiction, workaholism, alcoholism, not having boundaries/codependency. She has also helped my partner and I through sexual miscommunications and sex and love addiction issues."


  • "Her space receives lots of beautiful natural light and feels open and airy since the ceilings are tall. Next door is a fabulous crystal store with beautiful energy, tarot cards, crystals, healing tinctures, and books. I always go into the store before or after therapy as a way to bathe in the healing process. Feels so good."


  • "I've been working with Hannah for over 2 years with individual and couples work. She has given me the support and tools to be a better partner and individual. Hannah provides a safe environment for me to bring to forth all  facets of my personality and relationship. I'm forever grateful for her help, empathy and sincerity. When I feel alone, I know she is there to help me through that moment."


  • "Hannah Green is one of the rare individuals I would say is a natural-born therapist. Simply being in her company is therapeutic! She is warm, kind, accepting, non-judgemental, and deeply committed to supporting individuals and couples in their own unique journeys. It's clear that Hannah absolutely loves what she does and this, I think, makes her incredibly effective as a psychotherapist. What I also appreciate about Hannah is her deep expertise in the field of recovery, recovery maintenance, and the 12-step program. She is a true asset for the San Francisco Bay Area community in this regard because it's rare to find a heart-centered, highly skilled therapist who is also deeply familiar with recovery and the AA model. Hannah is one of those rare therapists. I can't recommend her or her services highly enough. You will be in truly excellent hands with Hannah Green as your therapist."


  • "Meeting and working with Hannah has turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened in my entire life. No exaggeration. As a single mom in recovery from alcoholism she helped me out of isolation and into the beauty of reality. The support and unique perspective Hannah has offered me has been eye opening, life changing and simply beautiful. She is gentle, yet direct and I hear her. When I have trouble putting my thoughts or feelings into words she has a way of not saying them for me but drawing them out so I, myself, come up with the answers. She has assisted me in the process of restoring relationships in my life I believed were shattered as well as in forming new healthy relationships. I could go on and on. I've worked with Hannah for over two years on a weekly basis and will continue to do so. She is a gem."