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Holistic psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples.


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My clients want to develop self awareness and to feel connected to themselves and others in a meaningful way. My clients are a diverse group of gifted individuals. They are entrepreneurs, creatives, healers, therapists, founders, software developers, misfits, musicians, writers, lawyers, doctors, artists, restaurateurs homemakers and more.

Regardless of their vocation or lifestyle, I work with people who want to deal with problems directly so that they can experience more freedom, peace of mind and intimacy in relationship. 

Many of my clients are psychologically minded or interested in spirituality, philosophy or art. They may be drawn to uncover the mysteries in life and to understand themselves and others in a deeper way. 

Many people I work with struggle to ride the waves of their feelings and want to learn how to release and regulate emotion. Many long to know they are enough as they are and are interested in letting go of perfectionism and developing self compassion. Many of my clients struggle in relationship and either feel lonely, needy and too far away from others or sometimes feel the opposite, get claustrophobic and want to run or check out. Many of my clients have had trouble keeping their balance with substances, relationships, sex, work, money or food and want to start dealing with the underlying issues that fuel addiction. 

Some of my clients have a history of trauma or abuse and want to heal and move forward. Some come from families where everything looked good on the outside but the relationships were tense or distant. My clients want to individuate from their family of origin and explore new ways of being and relating. 

My clients want to nurture the best in themselves and other people and are often very supportive of their friends and family. My clients need a place where they too can feel supported and listened to. Likewise, many of my clients do a lot and need support reducing stress and setting boundaries. 

Many of my clients are in a life transition and want to step more fully into their creativity and power.

I work with people who have a growth oriented mindset that want to be authentic and sincere in life and relationship. My clients understand that while all people have challenges those that meet those challenges with curiosity and compassion grow and blossom. 

See my specialty pages for more information on the issues I treat including, relationship problems, addiction, depression, spiritual concerns, codependence, anxiety, trauma and sex and love addiction/avoidance

Supporting people on their journey of self discovery is an honor and it what I am here for. Hear what people who have worked with me say here.