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Holistic psychotherapy in San Francisco for individuals and couples.


SF Couples therapy

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couples therapy in san francisco

Couples who come to see me want a safe place to explore their relationship, deal with conflict and connect in a deep way. Starting couples therapy can be scary for one or both partners and I am committed to co-creating a space with you where it is safe to be vulnerable. Many couples have told me if they had known how much therapy could help they would have started sooner and that “everyone should do this!” I receive many referrals from couples who have shared with friends or family how positive their couples therapy experience has been.

I coach couples to work directly and effectively with each others nervous systems so they can navigate emotional seas together. When couples work together on this deeper level they learn how to deal with conflict directly and they become experts and taking care of each other in a healthy way. This leads to more emotional and physical intimacy and heals old resentments. I work with couples who may be very smart and successful, but struggle to deal with conflict and difficult feelings. Some may either avoid problems or deal with them in a way that doesn’t get the result they want. Together we turn this around so that you feel empowered to create the relationship you want.

Many couples I see understand that in order for their relationship to thrive they need to prioritize each other but need guidance and the support of couples therapy to facilitate that initially. I see many couples where one or both partners have a history of anxiety, depression, addiction or family trauma and need some help navigating these issues together.

Many clients I see want support deepening their relationship and taking their commitment to the next level. Some couples I see are in a transition out of the “honeymoon period” and need support enjoying and benefiting from a more mature relationship. I also see couples that have been together a long time and want to deepen and reconnect.

Couples I see want their relationship to be a vehicle for personal growth and a safe haven from the world.

My practice is inclusive of all sexual orientations, spiritual or religious practices, races, genders and cultures. 

I know from personal and professional experience that couples therapy has the power to change relationships and change lives. Read what couples I've worked with say here.