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Women's Spirituality




Women's Spirituality

Hannah Green

Happy May! I had a recent and wonderful trip to New Mexico and perhaps as a result of sitting with so many statues of the Virgin Mary, this months email is about Women's spirituality. The above is one of my favorite paintings by Georgia O'keeffe. I had the pleasure of visiting her home in Abiquiu on my recent trip to New Mexico. It was lovely to walk around in her aesthetic and see where she lived and painted. The landscape there is hauntingly vast and beautiful.

I fell deeply in love with red chili. 

I highly recommend Santa Fe and northern New Mexico as a pilgrimage for mind, body and spirit. The history, landscape, food, spirituality and culture are amazing. Here are some wonderful things:

Ojo Caliente

10,000 Waves

Cafe Pasual's

La Choza - Get the carne adovada!

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Kakawa Chocolate House 

El Santuario de Chimayo

This charming Air BNB

Georgia O'keeffe House and this great book about her life.

The older I get the more I return to my roots. My first inklings of spirituality were found in the English countryside, wandering around as a child, sitting under willow trees and talking with the flower fairies. I felt deeply connected, grounded and alive in the bosom of the English landscape. As I age, my connection to the earth deepens. With the groundedness of age I am able to expand more and more - I think that is why 40 feels so good!. 

I see the principles of nature as having all the answers to our psychic troubles. Nature shows us the need to embrace both the dark and the light side of our natures. She shows us the cyclical nature of life, mood and energy. These are the foundational awarenesses that bring balance and peace of mind. 

In our culture we must be intentional about connecting with nature's cycles. Our culture is often out of balance and if we look to natures seasonal cycles and the moon's cyclical rhythm we can realign with the ground and with sanity.  

I see grounding as the most fundamental spiritual practice and one that powerfully lessens anxiety, benefits relationships, heals addictions, heals trauma and makes growth possible.  

Three wonderful books on Women's spirituality are Satrhawk's The Spiral Dance, Jean Shinoda Bolen's Goddesses in Every Woman and Layne Redmon's When the Drummers Were Women. The Spiral Dance changed the way I think and live. Lisa Lister's Witch is a ton of fun, includes lots of history and is a great resource for anyone wanting to incorporate earth magic and ritual into their lives. I am talking with her about doing a workshop here in October and will keep you posted on those details!

I hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself as we move towards Summer. As always, I want to express my gratitude for being on this journey with you. You are awesome. You are doing great work. You are appreciated.Speaking of appreciation, thank you so much to those that have left  yelp reviews. Yelp is a primary way people find therapists in SF so your reviews directly help me connect with people who need support on their journey. Huge thank you!

The use of healing herbs also helps me stay grounded and connect with the earth. My evening cup of magic is created from herbs bought at the Scarlet Sage and helps me get deep sleep. My current favorite is Chamomile flower, Rose petal, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Valerian Root (leave out the Valerian if you are pregnant or on anti-anxiety medication). My favorite book about herbs and intuitive healing is Susan Weed's Healing Wise.